Stair Climbing for Improving Strength, Power and Cardio

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A good set of steps comes with many health benefits. Whether it is the zigzagging flights in your office building or well-trod bleachers at a nearby stadium, a staircase workout improves the body’s overall health and fitness. Because the body is being lifted upwards as you climb stairs, leg muscles are engaged and consequently strengthened. But the best thing about Stair Climbing- Strength and Cardio Workout? It improves physical strength, power, and cardio.

The Cardiovascular System

Stair climbing naturally raises our heart rate. As such, you are protected against blood pressure clogged arteries and weight gain. This generally improves the body’s cardiovascular fitness. Because you are working against gravity and propelling yourself upward, this vigorous activity will ensure that you get a great cardio workout at all times.

In case you cannot constantly run up and down the stairs, power walking down the steps between intervals will also keep your heart rate elevated. Many cardiologists advise patients to climb up to three flights of stairs in order to improve their cardiopulmonary function.

Strength Training

Apart from increasing your leg strength, stairs climbing also provides strength training. You do not have to sweat it out while climbing stairs, consistently going up and down a few steps on a daily basis will give you the muscle workout that you need. Climbing also exercises bones and muscles, improving bone density and muscle tone.

Your physical activity focuses on your leg muscles which overload and pull sufficient strength and weight. Climbing stairs may be more strenuous but it builds more muscle. While walking, running and jogging may focus on the legs, these activities only tone muscles.

Stair Climbing vs. Walking

Climbing stairs is a more powerful form of walking. Both exercises are beneficial for you but the former has health benefits that accrue more rapidly.

In comparison to walking at a brisk pace, climbing stairs at a normal pace will enable you to burn two to three times more calories. When it comes to cardio, indulging in aerobic walking for 30 minutes burns up to 150 calories.

However, climbing stairs can burn the same amount of calories in only 15 minutes. Choosing to take the stairs whenever you can, lowers your blood cholesterol and naturally slims your physique.

Start with Small Steps

Do not expect overnight results after climbing a single set of stairs. Since this is such a powerful exercise, you will start feeling stronger within a week and over a prolonged period of time. Start with small steps as they will add up to big gains. Ensure that you make a slow and steady progress.

Starting with a few flights of stairs and building up overtime is the best way to go. Remember, building a climbing habit and sustaining it overtime will make a significant difference to your long-term well-being.

Stair climbing is easy to adopt because it does not require any special training or skills. Also, it is an extremely efficient workout routine that saves time. According to research, more than 10,000 stairways have been reported for cardio and strength improvement worldwide. With the right practise, your Stair Climbing – Strength and Cardio Workout will make a big impact in your life.

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