5 Health Benefits of Stair Climbing

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It’s no secret that walking is a safe and effective exercise option. But how do we take it up a notch to really start seeing some results? The answer is stair climbing. Whether outdoors or on an indoor stair-climbing machine, there are many benefits to this leg-pumping workout method. Here are 5 health benefits of stair climbing:


1. Raise Your Heart Rate

Raising the heart rate is crucial for weight loss, (especially fat loss). Stair climbing is known for being a super heart-rate raiser. Because the action of stair climbing requires the body to use key muscle groups in order to reach a full range of motion, the heart needs to work even hard to supply oxygen to each muscle and to sustain the pace. Stair climbing is a great form of cardio because it really gets the heart pumping as well as working the muscles hard.


2. Tighten Your Core

There are more ways to tighten your abs than the dreaded crunches. You can utilise your cardio workouts to get your core in action too. Stair climbing is fantastic at engaging the core, and therefore, strengthening it over time. Your core muscles are there to stabilise you, and to protect your spine as you move. When climbing stairs, your body needs to be kept upright, and the hips need to be facing forward. In order to maintain this position, your core really needs to work to prevent sloppy form and hips going in all directions! Activate your core by pulling it in towards your spine. This will tone the core, but it will also protect your back and hips.


3. Tone The Glutes

Everyone these days wants those perfectly rounded glutes, and guess what? Squats aren’t your only hope! Stair climbing requires you to push off through the foot, up through the legs, and into the glutes in order to power you up to the next step. You can activate the glutes even more so by concentrating the push-off section of the movement into the heel. By pushing off through the heel, you are pressing the weight into the glute, causing it to take the brunt of the action and gradually become stronger and tighter.


4. Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease And Other Serious Conditions

Any cardiovascular exercise is great for reducing the risk of disease, but stair climbing is especially good. The increased heart rate reduces the likeliness of clogged arteries, high cholesterol, and ultimately, heart disease. Stair climbing is great for the musculoskeletal system as it relies just as much on the muscles as it does the heart. By strengthening the muscles and the bones together, you can drastically reduce the risk of osteoporosis.


5. Trim Down Safely

If weight loss is the goal, then add stair climbing to your workout routine. The intense cardiovascular workout burns a high number of calories, which will help with the calorie deficit which is crucial in the early stages of weight loss especially. The muscle-strengthening properties of stair climbing also help with weight loss as muscle growth speeds up fat loss, which will help towards lowering your body fat percentage.


Next time you are in the gym, head over to the stair machine and get climbing! You’ll be surprised at the intensely satisfying burn. Exercising outside? Find a walking track or city location that has lots of flights of stairs for you to conquer!

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